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Global Experts Recognize CBFA’s Collaborative Efforts


The Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement sets a global precedent for the integration of economic and environmental values to ensure a sustainable future for our boreal forest, our natural habitat, our forestry industry and all those whose livelihoods rely upon it.


Current signatories to the CBFA include the Forestry Products Association of Canada (FPAC), its 18 member companies, Kruger Inc., and six leading Canadian environmental non-government organizations.

The world’s largest forest conservation agreement.

Leading Forest Companies
Leading Conservation Organizations
of Forestry in the Boreal

"By committing to implement this plan, the next Premier of Ontario is recognizing an important collaborative model for industry, environmental groups, First Nations and communities to work together for the economic and environmental betterment of the province."

− Time Inc. and Hearst Corporation

"I am encouraging the leaders of all four major Ontario political parties to show leadership, by joining with forestry companies, conservation groups, First Nations and municipalities to implement a plan that preserves jobs and strengthens communities in Northeastern Ontario, while protecting forest ecosystems and natural habitat – a plan that is in the interest of all Ontarians, now and for future generations."

− Peter Kendall, Executive Director, Earth Rangers

"It is a success story for all of Canada, for the CBFA is the world’s largest conservation initiative. I would hand over a gold platinum award to the CBFA for giving all Canadians the responsibility to help define and realize what the future of our forests should look like. It is a benchmark that protects the most important carbon storehouse on this planet."

− Thomas Nepinak, West Region Tribal Council

"The Prince Albert Model Forest believes in the Cree saying ‘Ma mah wechetowin’ which means ‘Working together and helping each other’. Through the CBFA, we have opened the doors for three Aboriginal communities to share their stories through Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) about Woodland caribou in an effort to work together to help protect the species at risk."

− Mika Carriere, Projects Officer, Prince Albert Model Forest

"The CFBA has given the opportunity to the Miawpukek First Nation Mi’kmaq people to speak their concerns to the CBFA on trying to find a solution to protecting their territories that hold a great deal of history and culture. MFN endorses CBFA for their strong support in helping Indigenous people across Canada in having a say in what activities can take place on their traditional territories. For that we thank you - wela’lin."

− Gregory Jeddore, Forestry Manager, Miawpukek First Nation

"I fully endorse the CBFA and the inclusive progress it has adopted to ensure that First Nations are fully involved in building an environmentally and economically sustainable future for Canada. The CBFA is a great opportunity for everyone with rights or a stake in the landscape to sit at the same table and work together to protect the Boreal Forest."

− Jeffery Thomas, Councilor, Chemawawin Cree Nation


The Boreal Business Forum is intended to monitor progress in the implementation of the Agreement, provide external validation to the process, and serve as an external advocate for the solutions proposed.